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2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success

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“What a treasure chest for direct marketers around the world!” -- Bob Stone, Chairman Emeritus, Stone & Adler

In these pages Denny Hatch and Don Jackson blitz you with the secrets, rules, and wisdom of nearly 200 of the great direct marketing masters. The pros tell you their time-proven secrets: 
  • Killer List Strategies
  • "It's the Offer, Stupid!" 
  • Test and Measure for Profit
  • Creative that Gets Results
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Every discipline—from brain surgery to auto making to marketing— is based on the work of those who have gone before. We study their tests, capitalize on their successes, and learn from their failures. In short, every art, science, and industry has a set of canons and customs that have been developed over time.

And so it is with direct marketing. To listen to some self-appointed marketing gurus who have recently "discovered" the discipline, you would think direct marketing is relatively new to the marketing scene. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, direct marketing started over 800 years ago when the bishop of Chartres wrote letters to raise money to rebuild his cathedral ravaged by fire.

Direct marketing is the business of acquiring customers and donors and getting to know them by keeping track of their transactions and then continuing to delight them by serving their current needs, creating new wants, and, above all, persuading them to act and respond to a proposition. Despite its long and profitable history, no one has assembled a single collection of all the basic secrets (or rules) of direct marketing. Until now.

In these pages Denny Hatch and Don Jackson blitz you with the secrets, rules, and wisdom of nearly 200 of the great masters: from Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, and Max Sackheim to such modern greats as Jay Abraham, Dick Benson, Malcolm Decker, Bob Doscher, John J. Flieder, Jerry Gould, Bob Hacker, Dick Hodgson, Cecil Hoge Sr., Bill Jayme, Ted Kikoler, Jim Kobs, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Malcolm McCluskey, Don Nicholas, J. Peterman, Max Ross, Jim Rutz, Emily Soell, Lew Smith, Joan Throckmorton,Bob Stone, and John Yeck.

So what is this book's proposition? Simply that you can have at your fingertips the individual and collective wisdom of the greatest practitioners of this century on subjects like: Creative, Copy, Math, Space Ads, Direct Mail, Production, Management, Strategy, Lists, Testing, Offers, Fulfillment, Back-End Operations, Lead Generation, and much, much more!

Table Of Contents

Seven Secrets for Dealing with Rules
General Secrets of Marketing 
General Management
Alternative Media 
Analysis of Results
Back-End Marketing 
Business Segments
Database Marketing 
Direct Mail 
Direct Mail Production 
Direct vs. General Advertising
Direct-Response TV
Internet Marketing
Lead Generation 
Lift Pieces Lists 
Media Offers 
Order Forms 
Reply Envelopes and Cards
Space Ads 

About the Authors

Since 1976, Denny Hatch has been a consultant, copywriter and designer in the field of direct marketing.

In 1984, with his wife Peggy, he launched the newsletter, Who’s Mailing What!, which was based on a library of over 200,000 direct mail samples.

In 1992, his company was acquired by North American Publishing Co., in Philadelphia, where he is a regular columnist for Target Marketing magazine and editor of the e-newsletter, Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense, published by the Target Marketing Group.

Don Jackson is a direct marketing consultant and editor.

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