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Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook

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Friesen gives you the essential insights and
takeaways for this evolving cross-channel landscape, such a
Friesen gives you the essential insights and takeaways for this evolving cross-channel landscape, such as:
  • How to select the right direct response media for your campaigns
  • Six methods for unlocking writer's block
  • Writing techniques for strengthening customer relationships
  • How to increase readability and response with the right choice of type
  • What subject lines, headlines & direct mail teasers have in common
  • And more!

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All channels of copywriting deserve attention, so whether you are writing direct mail, email, e-newsletters, web landing pages, or a blog, you need the best principles and practices to guide you. And Pat Friesen, nationally recognized direct response copywriter, creative strategist, and speaker with over 25 years of experience is the best person to to do just that!

No matter which channel delivers the message, the same techniques work because direct response copywriters and content developers share the same goal. Our mission is to en- gage scanners to become readers that ultimately act by clicking, calling, visiting a store or website, even tweeting.

So whether you’re a direct response copywriter, content developer or creative manager, The Cross-Channel Copywriter offers a collection of best practices and how-to tips on a variety of topics from hot spots to copy revisions kits to guarantees and more.

Table Of Contents


Section i: The Strategies
Chapter 1
Head of the Class with FAQs

Chapter 2
Don’t Start Writing Without Reading This

Chapter 3
Select the Right Direct Response Media for Your Campaigns

Chapter 4
Clue in Your Copywriter

Chapter 5
6 Methods for Unlocking Writer’s Block

Section ii: The Customer Relationships

Chapter 6
Best Practices for Attracting New Customers

Chapter 7
Writing Techniques for Strengthening Customer Relationships

Chapter 8
Conversation Killers & How to Avoid Them

Chapter 9
The Pay-Off for Marketing Your Guarantee & Reputation

Chapter 10
How to Build Customer Anticipation

Chapter 11
Tap Customers for Key Insights

Chapter 12
Methods for Staying Top-of-Mind with Customers

Chapter 13
Use E-Newsletters to Engage Customers & Prospects

Section iii: The Tactics & The Tests

Chapter 14
5 Ways to Use Deadlines to Super-Charge Response

Chapter 15
Call It a ‘Kit’ to Increase Mailing Success

Chapter 16
How to Maximize the Value of Discount Devices

Chapter 17
Boost Credibility with Customer Comments & Reviews

Chapter 18
Celebrations Translate into More Sales

Chapter 19
Bells & Whistles, Gadgets & Gizmos that Rev Up Response

Chapter 20
The Power of Personal Notes

Chapter 21
Designing Mail Pieces that Engage

Chapter 22
How to Use Hot Spots to Direct Reader Eye Flow

Chapter 23
Increasing Readability and Response with the Right Choice of Type

Section iv: The Messages (a.k.a., Copy & Content)

Chapter 24
Idea-Starters for Letter and Email Openers

Chapter 25
Little Details that Make a Big Difference

Chapter 26
Selling Intangibles — More than Meets the Eye

Chapter 27
Improve Results Using Repetitions

Chapter 28
Tricks-of-the-Trade for Making Your Copy More Effective

Chapter 29
What Do Subject Lines, Headlines & Direct Mail Teasers Have In Common?

Chapter 30
How to Up the Ante in Your Marketing Messages

Chapter 31
8 Ways to Cut Copy Revisions

Chapter 32
An Intercepted Letter to Google

Chapter 33
Free for All: Employing the Classic Four-Letter Word

Section vi: Cross-Channel Case Study

Cross-Channel Case History: The Planner Pad® Organizer

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