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Financial Services Marketing: Competitive Intelligence Report

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  • Relavent direct mail and email trends from the world's complete library of direct mail and email: Who's Mailing What! Archive
  • Current direct mail marketing best practices- for direct mail, email, mobile, database marketing, social media, websites, landing pages, and more!
  • Case studies of leading financial institutions who have successfully tested and tried new marketing campaigns
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Now is the time to gain a better mastery of your financial services marketing. Financial marketers projected only a 5% growth in 2012, and with those odds, something's got to give! Experts found that the best way to get a leg up on the competition was to create a "better data infrastructure, better analytics, and better insight generation." That's where this "Competitive Intelligence Report" comes in. It will give you all the most current and relavent information on financial marketing. With case studies, best practices, and trends, you will be able to stay ahead of the curve!

Table Of Contents

VI. Introduction
Section I: Direct Mail Trends
2 Volume

3 Top 10 Financial Mailers, by Volume — All Categories
3 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Bank Services
3 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Credit Cards - Affinity
4 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Credit Cards - Bank/Financial Services
4 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Credit Cards - Corporate
4 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Credit Cards – Incentives/Add-Ons
4 Top 5 Financial Mailers, by Volume — Loans/Lending Services

5 Monthly Volume

6 Repeat Mail

7 Formats

8 Package Dimensions

9 Personalization

10 Offer Type

11 Premiums
12 Top 10 Premiums

Section II: Email Trends
14 Average Word Count
15 Email Volume by Day of the Week
16 Email Volume by Time of Day
17 Words in Subject Lines — Top 20
18 Symbols in Subject Lines — Top 10

Section III: Direct Mail Analysis
20 Diamonds in the Mailstream: Personalization, Premium, Formal/Design, Copy and Reward/Offer Trends in Financial Services
By Ethan Boldt
34 A Look at Four Successful Controls: Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Capital One Venture Card and Capital One Auto Finance
By Ethan Boldt and Paul Bobnak

Section IV: Integrated Marketing Best Practices

43 Optimizing Your Media Mix by Steve Briley
46 Direct Mail vs. Email? A Way to Find the Balance by Sandra Zoratti
49 7 Reasons Why Email Still Works by Jeff Lyons
52 Keep Email Marketing Fresh With Engaging Content by Craig Fitzgerald
54 How Prepared is Your Company for Big Data Marketing? by Katie Kuehner-Herbert
60 The Confluence of Social, Mobile and Big Data is the Future of Marketing by Rio Longacre
63 How to Predict ‘Persuadable’ Customers and Reduce Marketing Waste by Patrick Surry
65 5 Practices of Successful Multichannel Marketers by David Lowndes
68 Improve Your Brand With a Little Focused Wordplay by Andrea Syverson
72 How to Start Optimizing Your Website Today by Kim Ann King
75 6 Steps to Building the Perfect Landing Page by Rio Longacre
78 Consider Implementing Transpromo Into Your Marketing by Manny Kostas
81 9 Secrets to Create Great Web Apps by Anthony Franco

Section V: Case Studies

86 Brand Marketing: How Charles Schwab Deepens Trust With Its Customers by Andrea Syverson
89 Content Marketing: How Anchor Bank Used it to Increase its 'Share of Wallet' by Jeff Molander
93 Personalized URLs: Zions Bank used a PURL Campaign to Expand the Number of Banking Products per Household by Ethan Boldt

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