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IMC Handbook

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Readings from experts with tips and tricks of the trade on:
  • Solving Marketing Problems with an Integrated Process
  • B2B Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Consumer Privacy: Knowing Your Customers Without Really "Knowing" Them
  • Using Web 2.0 to Connect, Build, and Sell with a Marketing Upgrade
  • And much more!
Plus: Over 20 case studies from companies like Allstate, Amtrak, Hallmark and Lane Bryant!
Price: $49.95


Since the mid-1990s, the DePaul University Case Writers' Workshop has nurtured the development of more than 40 original cases in Integrated Marketing Communications. With professors and professional writers from all over the world contributing to its contents, The IMC Handbook is the go-to guide for companies and agencies with a multitude of focuses including: financial services, product marketing, services marketing, online marketing, the non-profit sector, and much more!

Table Of Contents

1. Solving Marketing Problems with an Integrated Process—Don E. Schultz
2. What is a Brand (And Why Does it Matter?)—Derek Moore
3. Customer Relationship Management—Robert Galka
4. Creative Strategy in Integrated Marketing Communications—Susan K. Jones
5. An Introduction to Database Marketing—Arthur Middleton Hughes
6. Media Planning: The Business End of Advertising—Marian Azzaro
7. The Economics of Database Marketing—Robert Weinberg
8. Search Engine Optimization—James Moore
9. Business-to-Business Marketing—Victor L. Hunter, Sheila T. Zelenski and Jeff J. Kreutzer
10. Business-to-Business Lead Generation—Ruth P. Stevens
11. Consumer Privacy: Knowing Your Customers Without Really “Knowing” Them—Jennifer Barrett
12. Multichannel Marketing—Debra Ellis
13. History Matters: International Direct Marketing 30 Years On—Charles Prescott
14. Multicultural Marketing in the U.S.—Jaime Noriega
15. Contact and Call Centers—Mitchell Lieber
16. Marketing Upgrade: Using Web 2.0 to Connect, Build, and Sell—Stephen K. Koernig
17. Mobile Marketing and the Mobile Decade to Come—Mickey Alam Kahn
18. DRTV and Integrated Marketing—Tim Hawthorne

1. Allstate Insurance: Building Relationships through Email Campaigns—Blodwen Tarter, Mary Caravella, and Debra Zahay
2. American Cancer Society Chicago Chapter May Walk and Roll Event Marketing Campaign—J. Steven Kelly, Frank K. Bryant, RayeCarol Cavender, Kate Stevenson, and Regine Vanheems
3. American Standard—Manual Pontes, William Thompson, and Frank Whitehouse
4. Amtrak: A Communications Planning Challenge —Marian Azzaro
5. Direct Mail Marketing at the Art Institute of Chicago—Ralitza Nikolaeva, Eunsang Yoon, and Ella Carter
6. The Chicago Girl Scouts—Greg Baleja, Thomas A. Tully, and Benjamin Weeks
7. Coldwell Banker—Virginia Beach—Lisa D. Spiller and Carol Scovotti
8. Domino’s Pizza: Growing Sales With Technology—Matthew H. Sauber, David A. Marold, and Alicia Anderson
9. Häagen-Dazs® Loves Honey Bees—Blodwen Tarter and Jack Saunders
10. Hallmark Gold Crown Card Program: Member Relations Challenges in a Relationship Industry—Carla Johnson, Monle Lee, and Susan Seymour
11. ING Direct Cafés—Stacy Neier, Blodwen Tarter and Debra Zahay
12. J. Jill: Transforming the Customer Experience—J. Steven Kelly, Francey Smith and Régine Vanheems
13. Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort: On Par for an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign to Acquire New Members—Lisa D. Spiller and Carol Scovotti
14. Lane Bryant—Eve Caudill Rapp and Louella Benson Garcia
15. Scratch-off Summer Games at Lettuce Entertain You in Chicago—Jan Owens, Ralitza Nikolaeva, Neil Younkin and Ella Carter
16. McDonald Garden Center—Lisa D. Spiller and Carol Scovotti
17. Nonna’s Italian Restaurant—Lisa D. Spiller and Carol Scovotti
18. Peninsula Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA)—Lisa D. Spiller and Carol Scovotti
19. Primetime Developmental Playthings, Inc.—Harlan Spotts and Greg Baleja
20. The Red Bell—Dirk Baldwin and Harlan Spotts
21. Saint Laurie Merchant Tailors—Tanya Bender Henderson, Susan K. Jones, Gary Kaskowitz and Betty Parker
22. Powered By SRAM—David Aron and William Keep
23. Home Equity Loans in Texas: The Wells Fargo Experience—Mary Alice Shaver and Carol Ann Hackley

About the Author

Dr. J. Steven Kelly is the Director of DePaul’s Interactive Marketing Institute and an Associate Professor of Marketing at DePaul. He spearheaded the development of the DePaul University Case Writers’ Workshop with funding and direction from the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (CADMEF) and the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF). These foundations have supported the Workshop because of the strong and demonstrated need among professors and students for timely, authoritative and meaty cases focused on direct marketing, interactive marketing, advertising, sales promotion and public relations. As a former educator/trustee of the DMEF, former chair of CADMEF and current CADMEF trustee, Marketing Professor Susan K. Jones of Ferris State University joined forces with Dr. Kelly in 2002 to help nurture case creation and prepare the cases for publication. With the help of RACOM Communications publisher Richard Hagle, Dr. Kelly and Professor Jones commissioned the development of the authoritative readings that accompany the cases in this book.

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