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Open Me Now

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If you use direct mail to sell your products or services, you can't afford to not read this book. With tips for catching the readers eye with:
  • Speed formats
  • Rubber stamp effects
  • The power of the provocative return address
  • And much more!

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Still need convincing that the old saying "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression" is still true? The evidence is as near as your mailbox. Every year, more than half a billion pieces of perfectly good direct mail pieces are tossed into the wastebasket without ever getting opened. Why? Because whoever designed their envelopes didn't know how to get them to say "Open Me Now!"

And there's no reason for that waste of good marketing to continue. Herschell Gordon Lewis, the greatest copywriter of our time, spells out all the rules and discloses all the secrets you will ever need to make sure that envelope catches the recipient’s eye, including:

  • Speed formats 
  • Rubber stamp effects 
  • The power of the provocative return address 
  • When less is more . . . and when it's just less 
If you use direct mail to sell your products or services, you can't afford
to not read this book to make that first impression really count.

Table Of Contents

 The Battle for Attention: If They Don’t Open It, We’ve Lost the War
The Cardinal Rule and the Clarity Commandment Stand Supreme
Make an Informed Decision
A Provocative Question Always Is Reader-Involving
Don’t Say Too Much
The Database Quandary
Minefield Mind-Reader
“Important”? To Whom?
Obfuscation Is Out of Fashion
In Advance of Chapter Four

Muddy Subject, Muddy Conclusion, Muddy Applications
Generally, What? Muddy Testing in the Internet Era
First, Some New Creative Trends
What to Do and What to Don’t
They Don’t Want You to Know (Whatever)
Seals on the Front, Seals on the Back
Some Obvious Ploys
Gimmickry in Action

Will Promising the Moon Make You a Star?
How Free Is “Free”?
Misuses of “Free” and How to Avoid Them
Mild Promises, Mildly Fulfilled
How Easy It Is!

Is Your Envelope a Salesperson or Just a Clerk?
Benefits Galore The “I Like It, They’ll Like It” Risk
Be Careful with the Old Standbys
“Effective” Means Convincing, not Clever: Three Principles
The First Principle
The Second Principle
The Third Principle

Fund-Raising and Non-Profit Envelopes
The Three Kinds of Fund Raising Envelopes
The Ubiquitous Address Label
What Could Be Simpler?
“Oh, if It’s from Them, I’ll Open It”
The Oh-So-Easy Determining Factor

Envelope Eye-Catchers, Experiments, and Trends
“Official” Is a Magical Envelope-Opener
Mixed Messages
Speed Formats
Polybags and Foil Packaging
The Circle Is Complete
Closing Thought

A Couple of Imperatives


About the Author

Herschell Gordon Lewis is one of the leading copywriters of the past half-century. He is author of 28 books, including On the Art of Writing Copy, Marketing Mayhem, Asinine Advertising, The Advertising Age Handbook of Advertising, Selling on the Net, and Sales Letters That Sizzle. Mr. Lewis has written for many trade publications, including Direct, Direct Marketing Magazine, Selling, 1 to 1, Direct Marketing News, and is the copy columnist for Catalog Age. He also has addressed advertising and marketing audiences around the world. In 2003 he was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.

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