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Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button COPYWRITING

Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button COPYWRITING

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Here's how to write copy. Not just any copy, but great copy.
Copy that persuades people to change their behavior and either

1) order a product,
2) donate money to a cause,
or 3) send for more information.

The secret of great copy is using the seven key copy drivers — the emotional hot-buttons that cause people to act: fear • greed • guilt • anger • exclusivity • salvation • flattery.

"If your copy isn't dripping with one or more of these,
" wrote marketing guru Bob Hacker, "tear it up and start over."

Denny Hatch has captured the key design elements (envelopes, letters and lift pieces) as well as the specific — and transformative — copy that tipped readers over the edge and made them act.

The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button COPYWRITING brings you the actual hot-button copy and design that gave these direct mail packages their power and longevity.

Nothing like this has ever been published before.
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"You've heard of the Seven Deadly Sins let Denny Hatch introduce you to the Seven Key Copy Drivers That Make People Act! Successful advertising appeals to the wants and needs of our "hungry hearts" - and he reveals (in juicy language) the reasons why a product or service will uniquely meet those needs. Denny's book provides not just the how-tos, but also the proven-winner examples. It's a creative marketer's treasure trove!" - Susan K. Jones, professor of marketing at Ferris State University and direct marketing consultant and copywriter, Susan K. Jones & Associates.
Twenty-five years ago, Denny Hatch pioneered the study of direct response copy. He started collecting direct mail
packages and tracked those that came in over and over again.

Today, the Who's Mailing What! Archive ( contains pure marketing gold—nearly 1,000 Grand Control mailings in more than 200 categories that were received continuously over three or more consecutive years.

What do these hugely profitable mailings have in common? They rely on the seven key copy drivers:
Fear – Greed – Guilt – Anger Exclusivity – Salvation – Flattery

These are the emotional hot buttons that make people respond—order goods and services, donate money to charities and send for more information.

"Only Denny Hatch could put together a book like this. "The Secrets of Emotional Hot-Button COPYWRITING" delivers a double-whammy. It's loaded with creative rules that not only make sense but, as Denny presents them, are easy to implement. And it's chock-full of examples, some of which most of us have heard about but have never been able to see. Thanks, Denny. We owe you."
—Herschell Gordon Lewis, copywriter of several long-standing control mailings (such as Omaha Steaks and Red Cooper) and author of "On the Art of Writing Copy" and"Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics."

Filled with over 50 examples and 120 illustrations, "The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button COPYWRITING" is must-reading for any marketer involved in: • Direct mail • Email • Catalogs • Subscription Marketing • Fundraising • B-to-B • Financial Services • Continuity Series • Book Publishing • Insurance • And more!

Table Of Contents


Sherwin Cody School of English 5
The Executive Advantage 6

Chapter 1: FEAR 
Boardroom's Book of Inside Information 11
Boardroom's Bottom Line Yearbook 13
Parkinson Research Foundation 15
Globe Life Mortgage Protection 16
MEGA Life and Health Insurance 18
Mutual of Omaha Disability Income Insurance 19
GE Capital Nursing Home Insurance 21
American Express Identity Protection 22
Worst Pills Best Pills News 24

Chapter 2: GREED 
Boardroom's Tax Loopholes 27
Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance 30
SmartMoney 34
Progressive Insurance 36
Natural Choice USA 41
Kiplinger Florida Letter 43

Chapter 3: GUILT 
Freedom from Hunger 45
Volunteers of America 47
American Society for Yad Vashem 50
Lincoln Direct Life 51
USO 53
Center for Marine Conservation 56
Covenant House 58

Chapter 4: ANGER 
Brady Campaign 61
National Rifle Association 63
Second Amendment Foundation 65
International Campaign for Tibet 67
The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button COPYWRITING
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue 70
The Wilderness Society 72
United Farm Workers 74

Nouveau-Tech Society 77
Stephen Fossler Company 80
Wachovia 83
North American Fishing Club 86
Technology Review 87
Bottom Line/TOMORROW 91
Barron's 92

Chapter 6: SALVATION
Advanced Financial Services 95
Long Ridge Writers Group 97
Nightingale-Conant 100
National Legal Research Group 102
Grolier Books 104
Great Expectations 106
Success Magazine 109

Chapter 7: FLATTERY 
Easton Press 114
Harrington's of Vermont 116
Progressive Insurance 118
Strathmore Directories 120
American Museum of Natural History 122 Republican National Committee 124
Selling Power 127
AmeriCares 128

The Wall Street Journal 132
(The most successful advertisement in the history of the world!)

About the Author

Since 1976, Denny Hatch has been a consultant, copywriter and designer in the field of direct marketing.

In 1984, with his wife Peggy, he launched the newsletter, Who’s Mailing What!, which was based on a library of over 200,000 direct mail samples.

In 1992, his company was acquired by North American Publishing Co., in Philadelphia, where he is a regular columnist for Target Marketing magazine and editor of the e-newsletter, Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense, published by the Target Marketing Group.

He is the author of:

Business Books
Million Dollar Mailings • Method Marketing • 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success • – A Layman’s Guide to Manipulating the Media

NovelsCedarhurst Alley • The Fingered City • The Stork Memoir Jack Corbett, Mariner

Other Resources