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How to Raise $1 Million (or More!) in 10 Bite-Sized Steps

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What distinguishes Bite-Sized Steps are three key features:
  • The book distills into 10 specific and manageable steps exactly what board members, volunteers and staff need to do to raise significant money. As such, it provides a doable blueprint AND mitigates any lingering fears you might have.

  • The book is authentic. Rather than offer theory, Kihlstedt shares real-life stories of what has worked for a range of organizations. In other words, Kihlstedt shows rather than tells. 

  • The author has an engaging conversational approach, reminiscent of Jerold Panas.
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“Step by step one goes very far,” says the proverb.

That aptly sums up Andrea Kihlstedt’s goal in her new book, How to Raise $1 Million (or More!) in 10 Bite-Sized Steps. If you’ve shied away from a major gifts campaign, feeling unprepared or unsure what to do, Kihlstedt’s book delivers a double-shot of confidence. And, true to its title, the book does make it seem surprisingly easy to raise a $1 million or more if you heed the author’s counsel. 

Kihlstedt’s 10 steps will and won’t surprise you. If you have experience, you already know the importance of a campaign’s infrastructure: the need to refine your case, identify the right chair, and adhere to the proven sequence of soliciting.

But what WILL surprise you, and where the strength of the book lies, is the fresh way Kihlstedt, herself a consultant with some 30 years of experience, helps you line up your ducks.

  • There’s her guaranteed strategy for making sure you have the right chairman. 
  • There’s her sure way of determining if you have a strong enough case. 
  • There’s her inviting methodology for getting your insiders to give. 
Kihlstedt offers too many of these “outside the box” strategies to discuss here, but each is based in reality, in the ways actual organizations have paved the way for you.

Many would have you believe that raising $1 million or more is complex, requires countless meetings, an outsized pool of prospects, and the costly aid of a consultant. Kihlstedt punctures that notion by showing that intelligent board members, volunteers, and staff have within them the skills and common sense to make it happen.

Table Of Contents

STEP 1 - Inspire Goosebumps
STEP 2 - Set a Breathtaking Goal
STEP 3 - Develop a By-the-Numbers Plan
STEP 4 - Pause for a Reality Check
STEP 5 - Identify and Enlist a Campaign Chair
STEP 6 - Build a Committee
STEP 7 - Ask for the Largest Gifts First
STEP 8 - Ask the Insiders Next
STEP 9 - Get the Word Out
STEP 10 - Thank Those Who Helped and Gave

About the Author

Andrea Kihlstedt is fascinated by what makes people tick. She has spent the last 27 years as a capital campaign consultant, working with organizations large and small, giving her ample opportunities to observe remarkable people who through their courage, commitment, and energies make our world a better place through fundraising.

Andrea has recently launched, a website designed to provide tools that inform, support and motivate people to go out and ask for gifts.

 She lives in New York City with her husband, Tyko.

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