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"Today's marketers can't survive without developing valuable, compelling and relevant content to customers at the right time. Precision Marketing uses some of the best research on the planet to show you why, and how, to leverage the right information to substantially grow your business. Read this book...then give it your CEO. "

--Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute 
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Marketers around the globe are recognizing that increasing customization and precision is critical to their commercial success. Rather than devoting marketing budgets to mass campaigns, precision marketers are mining customer data for predispositions to spend so that they can target buyers in sophisticated and individual ways.

Precision Marketing helps break down the perspectives, capabilities and skills necessary to deliver more powerful marketing results. Case studies from companies such as Fiat, Amazon, Tesco, ING and others show how today's leading performers are beginning to recognize, identify and capitalize on many of the concepts of precision marketing to set themselves apart and reach a whole new level of growth.

Table Of Contents

Foreword by Donovan Neale-May
About the authors

Introduction: Why Relevance is Relevant

1. Getting Relevant

2. The Precision Marketing Journey

3. Step One: Determine Your Objective

4. Step Two: Gather Data

5. Step Three: Analyze and Model

6. Step Four: Strategize The strategy phase

7. Step Five: Deploy

8. Step Six: Measure Caesar's Entertainment

9. Targeted Tesco

10. The Precision Marketer's Moment 


The business of precision


About the Authors

Sandra Zoratti

Sandra Zoratti is Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions at the Boulder, CO office of InfoPrint Solutions, a Ricoh Company. She is recognized as a thought leader in the area of precision marketing - a data-driven marketing approach that produces highly targeted, relevant customer content. She is also on the advisory board for the CMO Council.

Lee Gallagher

Lee Gallagher is on the CMO Council's Customer Experience Board and is a sought after speaker for industry events. His integrated marketing approach cuts through the cacophony of marketing messaging to deliver rock solid ROI. His efforts have placed him as a leader in strategy and design to some of the world's most highly respected brands. He is also a contributor to Advice From the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing.

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