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Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems Creating Connected Customer Experiences

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This book shows how marketers and brand managers can react positively to changes in consumer behavior, building customer responses and loyalty via the full spectrum of digital media. With separate chapters on: 
  • The remaking of marketing
  • The rise of the digital brand
  • Conversion optimization
  • m commerce
  • Searchability in a multi channel world and more
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Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems examines a fundamental game changer for the entire marketing industry - the seismic shift from a single TV centric path to a multi channel interactive ecosystem which puts digital technology at the heart of every campaign. With separate chapters on the remaking of marketing, the rise of the digital brand, conversion optimization, m commerce, searchability in a multi channel world and predictive marketing, this book shows how marketers and brand managers can react positively to changes in consumer behavior, building customer responses and loyalty via the full spectrum of digital media. 

This book features 32 contributors from leading marketing companies across the globe such as, the California-based accounting software company Intuit, South Carolina-based Content Marketing company Enveritas Group, California-based advertising company Tribal Fusion, and SapientNitro, an international marketing and advertising company.

Table Of Contents


Part I From TV-centric thinking to a multichannel marketing ecosystem

01 Introduction to the multichannel marketing ecosystem
Markus Ståhlberg
Paradigm change
The interactive consumer
The ecosystem
Harnessing the multichannel marketing ecosystem

02 The rise of digital branding
Simon McEvoy
How the interactive ecosystem is transforming our concept of the brand

03 Holistic design for consumer engagement
Brad Brinegar
Integration requires a different view of how people and brands do – and will – interact
Integration requires a new culture
Integration requires different physical space and organization
Integration requires new tools and skills
Integration survives through innovation
Integration requires leadership
Final thoughts

04 TV is dead, long live TV
Rob Smith
Traditional TV
The changing world
What TV really means now
What does this mean for marketers?
Five golden rules for marketers and the new ‘TV’

05 Multichannel ecosystem toolbox
Kyle Lacy
E-mail marketing
Mobile marketing
Social marketing
Web analytics

06 Conversational customer journey planning
Felix Velarde
So where do you start?
Getting customers to change what they think
The actions matrix
What to say when
Channel selection
Benchmark for improvement

07 Emerging mobile dynasty
Dimitrios Kontarinis
Why is mobile the connecting medium?
Mobile is a way of life
Riding the technological wave
Mobile content is king
Mobile user experience: multi-sense, multi-interaction

08 Cross-channel analytics
Robert Cataford
Digital advertising: a marketing analysis dream
Measuring the success of a campaign
The reality of the new ecosystem
‘Big data’: can it provide the answers?
Connecting the data
Measure based on intent
Putting it all together

09 Software-driven marketing ROI
Scott Brinker
From communications to experiences
Architecting brand experiences
Software powers the modern brand experience
Marketing’s new role in software leadership
Software is the new fabric of marketing

Part II Establishing and successfully taking advantage of the multichannel ecosystem

10 Why do big companies fail in the multichannel ecosystem?
Alexey Andreev
Zoological model: elephants and anthills
Symbiotes and parasites: why brand communities fail
Mimicry of butterflies and nutrition of locusts
What’s next?

11 How e-mail defines, builds and leverages brands
Anthony Schneider
Many heads and long legs
The medium is the multifarious message
First and fast
Brand personalizer
Brand builder
Measurable media
Bounce factor
Social starter
Web and app launchpad
Search enhancer
Mobile mover
The future: the medium is in motion
Measuring the long tail

12 How to win your Zero Moment of Truth
Brice Bay
Join the conversation
Answer questions
Listen to your users
Start with seven steps to win your ZMOT

13 360° direct response marketing
Mike Teasdale
What does the interactive direct marketing ecosystem look like?
The interactive direct response ecosystem
The future: opportunities and threats

14 Creating relevant conversations
Sundeep Kapur
Two personal stories
Create relationships through relevance
Provided preferences
Observed preferences
Implied preferences
Asking questions
Is your consumer real?
Grabbing your consumers’ attention?
Perfecting transactions
Building an intelligent preference centre
Leveraging mobility
Creating interactive conversations

15 Social media romance
Justin Gray
Courting social media: what marketers can and can’t expect when integrating social with other marketing platforms
Ongoing flirtation: how social media fits into the marketing automation plan and platform
Chasing the ideal: current best practices for integration and where we’d like to eventually end up
Nurturing the relationship: how to make social media part of the nurture funnel
Reward of the relational investment: what points best indicate social media ROI

16 Changing face of Facebook marketing
Kristen James
How to lose fans
How to gain fans
Get noticed
Changes on Facebook
Embrace change

17 Essentials of mobile marketing technologies
David Marutiak
Comparing mobile access types
Code action types
Illustrative campaign results
Multi-modal campaign examples

18 How brands can succeed in the local mobile revolution
Paul Bruemmer
Over half of searches have local intent
Why you need a local internet presence
Local listings are rated ‘most relevant’ and ‘trusted’
Online reviews matter
Mobile devices impact local search and buying behaviour
Changes in consumer buying behaviour
Optimize location and mobile landing pages for local SEO
Optimize, publish and distribute bulk data feeds to information services, internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) and local maps
Information service providers and IYPs
Local/mobile search information service listings
Local business data aggregators

19 E-mail: lifeblood of the online ecosystem
Richard Gibson and Guy Hanson
The importance of measurability
The rise and rise of mobile e-mail
The long arm of the law
Lurking inside the crystal ball

20 Integrating search to a multichannel mix
James Murray
Marketing principles: know, get, keep
The growing importance of search
The importance of relevance
How does search relate to know, get, keep?
Know: market opportunity
Get: fast-moving search trends
Keep: customer engagement

21 What really counts in metrics
Erik Deckers
How would you like to reach 120 million homes?
How thousands are worth more than millions
Social media marketing is just another tool in the toolbox
The final secret about social media marketing

Part III Beyond online: how to translate the multichannel ecosystem into revenue

22 Marketing automation with apps
Ville Maila
Does marketing need IT projects?
Value of technology
From IT projects to apps
Customization of communications, not technology
Tip of an iceberg
Campaigns as apps
Implications and benefits of the app approach

23 Using storytelling to build sales
Cam Brown

24 Converting customer dialogues into revenue
Kristin Zhivago
Looking at the situation from the buyer’s perspective
A business-to-business example
A consumer-side example
An example of internal thinking

25 What comes after social media
Lon Safko
The Fusion Marketing Safko Wheel: 12-step process
Digital tool analysis
Business cards and almost everything
Fusion marketing analysis
Second Life and web pages
Strategy, objective, tool and tactic development

26 How to spell marketing in 2015: product development
Martin Deinoff
Power to the people
Future marketing
Product development
Kilobyte outweighs kilogram
Future product development

27 Smarter checkouts: beyond the transaction
Matthew Oxley
The logic behind checkout optimization
Just whose checkout is it anyway?
Diet or tone?
Having your cake and eating it

28 Making money with metrics that matter
Chris Perry and Alex Steer
Finding the finish line
Beyond the ‘guesswork economy’
From optimizing to innovating

29 Customer currency: contextualized data insights
Saul Stetson
What is contextualization?
Practical and actionable
Scientific segmentation
Questioning assumptions
Seasonal strategy
Data as a true international currency
One final note: interpretation remains key

30 Introduction to predictive marketing
Brent Chaters
What is predictive marketing?
Why predictive marketing is critical to success
How to better understand your customer
Evolving predictive marketing
Where predictive marketing is going


About the Authors

Markus Stahlberg is the CEO of .PROMO Inc. and Ville Maila is the founder and App Director. .PROMO Inc. is an App-based marketing automation platform that makes campaign execution as easy as using the App Store. Together they are the editors of Shopper Marketing: How to Increase Purchase Decisions at the Point of Sale (Kogan Page).

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