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Better Letter

Better Letter

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The Better Letter: Essential Tips for Effective Fundraising Copy is a timeless guideline that will both teach and reinforce the basics, making it useful for anyone who writes copy for nonprofit fundraising, no matter if you work for a nonprofit organization, for a fundraising agency/consultancy or for yourself, and no matter how long you've been in the business.
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About the Author

Roscoe Barnes III is an award-winning journalist and a nationally known copywriter who specializes in direct-response marketing for nonprofit organizations.

He is a former columnist for Fund Raising Management and Publishers Auxiliary, and the author of numerous books.

He has written copy for such national nonprofit clients as the World Bible Translation Center and the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, as well as the Washington D.C.-based consulting firm Lautman & Co.

His articles have appeared in scores of trade publications, including Editor & Publisher, Writers'Journal, SPAN Connection, Authorship and Home Bussines Magazine.

Table of Contents

1) The Elements of Good Fundraising Copy
2) Using the "First-thing" Test to Improve Your Mailings

3) How To Craft a Good Slogan That Sells Your Cause Or Your Organization

4) The Secrets Behind the Letter That Pulled a 100 Percent Response

5) What Daytime Soaps Can Teach Us About Writing Good Copy

6) Quick Tips for Writing and Designing a Good Response Card

7) Letter-Opening Copy

8) Writing the Ultimate Press Release

9) Writing Powerful Advertorials

10) Emotional Appeal — The Silver Bullet of Fundraising Copy

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