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Business of Database Marketing

Business of Database Marketing

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The Business of Database Marketing covers all the bases for the typical business reader.

It even includes a catalog of the 37 "Best Practices" and a roundup of some of the major "Dos and Don'ts" in making business sense of the world of database marketing.

It will be the one easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guide for putting database marketing and customer relationship management to productive use for every business.
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Does the business world really need another book about database marketing?

Hasn't pretty much everything that needs to be said about the subject already been written?

Well, no. Dozens of books have been written by database marketing and customer relationship management experts covering various aspects of the disciplines, including calculation of lifetime value, developing models to make database marketing efforts work better, implementing one-to-one marketing, selecting the right lists, and an endless array of other direct marketing, database marketing,and CRM subjects.

But there isn't a single book or article that shows how to incorporate all of this wisdom into a coherent, overarching business strategy that includes both the database marketing strategy and the technology "build."

What's missing — and what's needed — is a clear, non-technical explanation of how all the parts should fit together to create a dynamic, customer-centric, productive business —without the endless acronyms and murky pools of technical jargon.

Also, there is a crying need for a book that approaches the problem the way business people live and work: by defining the problems and objectives and then identifying the technology that will fix those problems and achieve those objectives, not the other way around.

In addition, the book provides inside information about the actual business of database marketing. That "actual business" includes knowing how to get the maximum benefit from working with an agency or supplier and, on the other side, how to work with a client.

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