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The Fundraiser's Measuring Stick

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Jerold Panas has worked with the best fundraisers in America – board members and staff alike. From decades of experience, he has learned that highly effective fundraisers share striking similarities. In The Fundraiser’s Measuring Stick, Panas explores these attributes – the very ones you must cultivate if you hope to secure major gifts.

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Highly effective fundraisers share striking similarities – in their attitude, in the way they approach their work, and in the strategies they use to inspire and motivate donors to give stretch gifts.

Jerold Panas, in his decades of consulting work, has observed thousands of these great fundraisers up close – staff, board members, and volunteers.

To put you on the fast track to becoming an even better fundraiser than you are, Panas examines each of these key attributes in The Fundraiser’s Measuring Stick, and along the way supplies countless examples of how you yourself can cultivate these qualities and put them into practice.

It may surprise you that some of the most successful fundraisers NEVER ask for a gift, and yet the money flows in. Equally surprising is the fact that those who are the most afraid of asking often become the best solicitors. And it’s strange, too, to learn that following the conventional practices of fundraising will often prevent you from securing a gift.

As with any Jerold Panas book – such as Asking and The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards – there are plenty of “can-do” examples, inspiring stories of real-life fundraisers, and a bevy of field-tested approaches for raising major gifts.

Language students know that the quickest and most efficient way to learn another tongue is to plop yourself in a foreign country. Panas does the same thing for you in The Fundraiser’s Measuring Stick. If you want to know what really works in fundraising, let Panas immerse you totally in that fascinating, and intriguing world.

Table Of Contents

1. The Great Ones

2. A Love Affair

3. Resolve Melts Constraints

4. NOW!

5. Selling the Dream

6. The Itch to Win

7. The Magic of Courage

8. Outsized Optimism

9. A Flair for Leadership

10. Wondrous Possibilities

11. Action Above All

12. Doing Whatever It Takes

13. Ignited with Energy

14. Unfailing Memory

15. Steadfast Commitment

16. High Touch, Low Tech

17. First Taste of Victory

18. Soaring Spiritual Values

19. Agape

20. Breaking the Rules

21. Give and Feel the Glow

22. The Itch for Action

23. Win-Win-Win

24. Luck Follows Tenacity

25. The Perils of Mediocrity

26. The Devil’s in the Details

27. Amazing What You Don’t Get

28. Listen the Gift

29. It’s Everything

About the Author

A fundraiser for more than four decades, Jerold Panas is the executive director of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, which has more than 60 staff and has served over 3,500 organizations since its founding in 1968. During his career, he personally has helped raise an estimated $11 billion for a wide variety of charitable organizations, including many around the world.

Panas is widely regarded as the foremost author on fundraising, having written or co-written 19 books on the subject, as well as countless articles for magazines, newsletters, and newspapers around the world. His book, Asking, is the bestselling fundraising book of all time. Others such as Mega Gifts, The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Board, and Making a Case Your Donors Will Love are classics and standards for the profession.

Recently, Panas was recipient of the prestigious Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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